Top 9 Things to do in Sapa

There are many things to do in Sapa than your think but I can just list here some most salient activities.

Sapa cultural travelling

things to do in Sapa

Trying local wine

Sapa district in the Northwest Vietnam is the home of several ethnic peoples, includes Xa Pho, Tay, Zay, most popular is Black Hmong and then is Red Dao. So, visitors will have the opportunity of participating many their different cultural travelling tours and trekking routes even you are exploring a large number of cultural.

Trekking on the trail

Trekking - things to do in Sapa
If you are one of the lovers of trekking, this is the most ideal destination where you shouldn’t miss because this picturesque mountainous district is created from a wide range of beautiful tourist attractions.

Whether you want to take part in an easy or difficult trekking route, there are a lot of available ones so that you choose such as walking around Sapa town, visiting the Sapa’s tribal villages and climbing to the Fansipan top at 3,143 meters in height above sea level. During the route, you will be enjoyed the great terraced rice fields, the beautiful valley scenes and countless other fantastic destinations.

Homestay in Sapa villages

Home stay in Sapa
Like a treasure, you will be experienced the excellent time with this form of home stay. That means you are shared a house of local resident who is one of the homeowners of the Vietnamese ethnic minorities. This form provides you yourself chance for knowing about their authentic lifestyle, traditional dishes and culture more and more.

Rent a motorbike and go

Rent a motorbike - things to do in Sapa
A few years recently, the route has been refreshed in Sapa. It would be very interesting if you rent a motorbike, and go on the beautiful roads to visit the famous tourist destinations of Sapa. It’s easy to rent a motorbike at the hotel you stay, or at the venues on the street. The rent per day is about $ 5-6 / day, excluding petrol.

Enjoy a barbecue

Enjoy a barbecue in Sapa
When it gets dark, the barbeque restaurant in food markets or small shops to be built on the sidewalk becomes bustling. With dishes such as corn, sweet potatoes, egg, pork wrapped Sapa’s vegetables, pork wrapped mushrooms, etc. All grilled over charcoal fires are pink. Just thought alone was enough to make me salivate. Why don’t you try?

Massage in Sapa

Massage - things to do in Sapa
As you walk along the streets in the town of Sapa, you will see a lot of massage shop on the both sides. That’s because the visitors often participate in trekking tours. Massage helps the body recover. Nowadays, massage becomes the main leisure activities, including for those not involved pedestrians.

Massage has various packages such as foot massage (about $ 8 / hour), body massage (about $ 10 / hour). You can choose massage packages with shorter or longer time. One thing you should know that massages here are cheaper than many other tourist destinations in Vietnam, only massage and nothing else.

Herbal bathing of the Red Dao people

Herbal of the Red Dao in Sapa
Herbal water distilled from natural plants, are taken from the forests of Sapa. After being mixed with warm water in a wooden tub, you can take a dip in which to enjoy the natural flavor. Herbal bathing is regarded as effective treatments to help the body relax and healthy. That experience of the Red Dao people was longstanding usable, it’s absolutely safe and you have to try when coming to Sapa.

Take photos of the terraced rice fields

Terraced rice fields in Sapa
With its beautiful scenery and the diversity of life of indigenous peoples, Sapa has long been a place of great photography. Special photography terraced fields of the Sapa rice season (from early May – mid-September). According to Travel and Leisure, Sapa is considered one of the places with the most beautiful terraces in the world.

Shopping in Sapa

Shopping - things to do in Sapa
Buying cheap The North Face jackets, clothing, shoes – are produced in Vietnam, or buy items made from brocade are special shopping activities while in Sapa. Besides, you can buy the Hmong’s bullhorn, or the “Drums sun” of the Red Dao people, it’s interesting to decorate in your house.

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